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Hanging at indecision at dinner

Posted to Action Poetry

His touch gives me chills
but I do not know
if it is fear
or anticipation
He hovers too closely
he brushes too casually
past me.
I wonder
how it would feel
to be taken.
I am not sure
I want to know.
He stares too much
I hide too little
He thinks I want
I know he thinks
I try to hide
I cannot find
my long skirt
Too many inches of long leg
He invades my space
and I turn my face.
I do not think.
He thinks too far.
I wonder how it would feel...
He touches my hand
I try not to shrink.
He says my name.
Never safe.
I wonder how far I could...
I lean close.
I smile soft.
I wonder if he thinks...
I shift in my chair.
Lean back.
Straighten up.
Would I still...
I brush his thigh.
Touch his elbow.
My touch startles him.
I do not know
if it is surprise
or excitement.
I lean too closely.
I breathe too quickly
into his neck.
Will he try...