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Before Time, Before Light, Before God,
Was the Night.
Vast Nothingness.
Cold, Dark,
Universe in Slumber.
Unto Eternity.
Then Suddenly!

An Explosion, maybe Implosion.
The Seed Expands,
Faster than Light.
Unto Itself.
Greedy Beast.

Time Is Born.
And She in Turn,
Gives Order and Chaos.

Fiery Sun,
Molten Planet,
Swirling Rock.

The Anger subsides, kept deep Within.
Blue Sky, Blue-Green Water.

Came the Moon.
Daughter ? Sister ?
Cosmic Lineage.

A Spark. Lake of Acid.
Creation. Complexity.
Ladders of Carbon.
Climbs Life.
Entropy rudely Scorned.

Came Man.
Hunter , Gatherer , Misfit.
Moon - Watcher.
Beginnings of Thought ?

Came War , and Beauty.
Art and Science.
Apollo, Dionysus.
Music , Rhythm.
Crazed energy , Spirit.

Where Now?
Is Tomorrow Today, but Later ?
The Arrow of Time.
Bent ? A Cosmic Boomerang ?

We shall Know Soon.
And God would have Found Us.