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nothing in the world

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i was able to appreciate it all, and i know you didn't ask for a critique, but i seem to find the last line a bit out of place. nothing wrong with the SEX part, at all, but rather the "nothing in the world like" part. personally, it seems like the poet's job is describing the thoughts, ideas, actions, and scenery that, all in their own unique way, are unlike anything else in the world. but, as poets, they use the great phrasing as you did earlier in the poem. i believe that, as poets, if we choose to write about "love" (a horrible, complex subject, but an example nonetheless), the poet essentially starts out with the statement "there's nothing in the world like love." it's the poet's job to translate that shadowy, untangible feeling into something more. like grabbing an orange from a tree, in order to show customers its qualities, you know?

i'd write more, but i don't want to write an essay.