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it was just an experiment

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open broken jokin
actualy it was two pieces i tried to post them as seperate pieces on the same post but when i posted it they were put together and this is how it turned out quite a wonderful accident

heres how it was intended or was it
first piece was this

open broken
im not jokin
should be tokin
instead a smokin
my love should be a
joy not a token huh
boy did you say you
were from hoboken huh
you know these words huh
should not be spoken aloud

then it was this

cant you hear
cant you see
cant you feel
cant you be
cant you taste
cant you face
your dreams and
night horses jump
hump bump in the
night horse jump

when i saw how it turned out i thought huh "i dare a response" because i though twhat will people get out of this
and it was very cool to see the different interpretations
thanks for paricipating