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Death Rattle (please, critique, comment, respond....more experiments in spontaneity)

Posted to Action Poetry

Christ hung
well....on a cross
and groaned the last groan
but no sky turned black,
no harlot wept, no mother
by hymen-breaking death...
just humanity...a messianic prayer,
but why don't we save ourselves?

Religion and creed and disillusion
the depravity of cloth
a thousand dead in god's name alone
a thousand cry to her to stop, but how?
When rain is blood, and children weep
in streets of green idols dancing
where is god?
"we have killed Him you and I"....
thus spoke the madman, and so the dancing began....

...and ended. The heaven we envision
pillaged by faith in greed and fear
and holy mother church aborted
her only begotten child
being shot for love of god and country
and raped for sweet sex repressed
and masturbatory jack off dreams
and semen on face of 14 year old
Vietnamese girl baptized in Western cultures filth

Goya paints a portrait
of Nerval writing a poem about him
sipping their sweat and lust
and blood in flagons of
scramental wine....
and we reflect in their eyes
in their mouths in their cocks
spurting out onto the earth and wasted
oh how we've wasted our lives, struggling against
isn't it all so absurd....
isn't it all so...empty...
and where has hope gone?

Just pull the covers off stupid
Olie oxandfree...
you've been hiding it since