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$:)) pm in the North End

Posted to Action Poetry

Main Street Middletown, CT

today's deliveries done
advance through automatic assisted doors
greeted, "me man you gots change to spare?"
connected eyes with no disguise
black skully, nose ring, green sweater, green
dickies and payless timbies (looked like Del)
"blingin board bra."

"its phor carving kid."

"never scooped one.
yo, me gots to go to Haatphaad
thinks you can shuvel some change?"

diggin through lint
connected eyes with no disguise
"no stip, I ain't packin."

"Eye'et then, peace."

Crunk through town
realize silver cotes me billyfold
where that green cat at?

Sullen old bitch
"don't let the boyz catch you,
@% dolla phine phor skankin on sidewalks."

"Phunck the popo!"

lampin time
Buttonwood Tree open mic on Wednesday
doors locked
inside used books wait

phire phighters washin trucks
hoopties skwankin to cribs
Xarakien's and Phuchu's passin paper bags back and
tennesee side sippin the same phountain

peep green hipster whippin up to Saint John's
gather coins collectin phor the man
cross traphphic to the other side

"yo kid, me got some nickledge
what the beat wit Hartphord kid--
just goina lamp da bit?"

"yo i wuz goina treat some trees
you blaze?"

"shit sure!"

connected eyes with no disguise
"!you gots cream?"

"right right!"

"lets crunk a jibba and gets treed stip--
theys pushin down der."

CRACKED pavement
green comming through
clotheslines hangin dead in the wind

"!yo, you blaze BASE?"

glass dicks

"!no kid!"

pullin air to the lepht corner oph his cheek
popping it with his tongue
"bounce with me and score some."

No thought
"I'm straight."

"eye'et then, props phor the change."
stilts to the night with the sun at his back

push oph on me board
home to jcrew catalogues
internet connections
phree BASIN me thoughts with all me teeth intact

know, ups to YOU...for the change