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(there are some things in here that could only be easily understood and recognized by people from my own school, but...yeah. i never let anyone who's not in on some of this high-school esoterism (is that a word? oh well, i made it up if it's not) read this, but here.)

funny how a music box could be on
the same desk as a can of Sprite
and a saltshaker; it just doesn't
seem to fit, these beautiful pictures
of poetry painted to us from our
literature books show music boxes
with little girls in big dresses
and old dusty grandfather clocks.
but that doesn't fit here; that's
not real life. it's a chunk of
the past and yet forever in the
present, sitting in a 14-pound
american lit book, stashed in
some junior's locker (poor soul)
well thank god it's in the locker;
what a pity it'd be to carry
around, weighing down your arms.
you already have enough weighing
down your mind, and every last
word of that forgotten book
(come mid-june) could be replaced
with words spat from your own
mouth. of shoes and cold stairwells
and forgotten locker combinations,
of late-night ponderings with
phone at ear, of your bedroom
ceiling and that funny crack in
the sidewalk you see every day
on your way to the bus stop. so
what if we're not puritans like
our dear friend anne, and maybe
we don't work at a custom-house,
but we can still spit on blank
paper as well as the best of those
in that 1400 page reminder of
american history. maybe we'll
never know why that guy on the
cover is looking up at a tree,
when there could be SO many images
of america, with freedom, pride,
accomplishments, wars, revolutions.
but no, prentice hall says "we'll
use a bearded man looking at a tree,
and that's final." such a book
deserves a place on the shelf,
and will be granted one (come
mid-june), and then you can take
your experience of the american
experience with you, but start
making your own experiences come
alive, maybe even hitting 1400
pages, and designing your own
cover, mixing music boxes with
Sprite cans, saltshakers and all.