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Mama Drama :-) I was mad and this came out...

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Divorcing Drama Queen

Broken mother says donÂ’t care
House freakin changing now new lamp there
Not his house.
Little girl says donÂ’t know
But not staying here with
Mean little boy who pushes,
I make brownies and say
Yes, very important,
Think not first time,
Music says she was just seventeen, yeah you
Know what I mean???????
Mommy says pay attention
I say God bless you, but
We here have all heard it before,
Change the scene a bit.
So she does.
Barley there mama says
I am the goddess of the night,
Music says, yeah we held each other tight!
Mama mama,
She wouldnÂ’t dance with another,
And now sheÂ’s stuck.
Mama mama,
WerenÂ’t you once seventeen?
Yeah you know what I mean.