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thundercrack radio electric songs echoing loud

Posted to Action Poetry

he hears thundercrack radio electric songs
inside his head, growing pounding drumming
haunting downtown dime stores, corned beef eateries
playgrounds & docks covered with seagull shit
foghorn boats in harbor listing to one sad side
back alleys where crack deals go down
& motel dumps filled with honey lipped whores
in joints where sailors drink, laugh, fight
the penetating wool blanket of thick cigar smoke
lost in a language profane, ridiculous
thundercrack radio electric songs as he walks
sizing up helpless lost women, the bravado of young men
dark dangerous angel beauties alcoholic corner bar retirees
street kids rolling pennies against black brick walls
white-haired chain-smoking crones in bingo parlors
italian butchers gutting beef sides & lebanese deli clerks
spreading taboli on crusty bread
a croatian tailor threading needles through cotton fabric
black bouncers prowling the front doors of stud clubs
thundercrack radio electric songs echoing loud
in spinning twirling trance dancing bomb parlors
where ecstacy flows & water is chugged from plastic bottles
& the corners are crowded with erotic throat whispers
puerto rican lovers on the make & suburban white boys
in droopy pants stealing style from phony tv music shows
a woman in tight pants & a belly shirt up against a wall
gold chains draped around sweaty perfumed necks
he hears thundercrack radio electric songs trapped in time
not moving, smiling, wishing himself in passing
upon the wisp of the great magical wherever

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