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the woman by the bay

Posted to Action Poetry

lights psychedelic shine,
as crazed
as the woman with the embroidered jeans.
prurient breath fills the café
smoke filled.

black magic woman- you slipped away
to stare at a light dancing on the ceiling.
your heels dig some crazy rhythm.

the sweet smell of Mary Green (some say colitus)
was gruesomely jaded
till you tripped them warm
with naked words from naked tongue

you beat with the beauty of ella and
the destruction of janis
yet- you sing no doubt –

you come across
and with those eyes
look through me –
pausing for a moment.

jesus wept as the baritone sat next to you
drawing boundaries.
deliciously male.

but then he left
for his sunny moment
predictably male.

as the prepubescent thrusts his crotch at the angry crowd
you smile benign

and then the music died.