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Black Blues

Posted to Action Poetry

Fortune teller with his maze
Makes you wander back and gaze
Lady in pink with a foot out the door
Leaving you there begging for more
Does she think or does she laugh?
All she knows is that she's torn another man in half

Who do you think you are? pushing so hard
The swing goes too high, bursting my heart
How can I fight something thats not even there?
Do I dare request help for my problems
When everyone else has their own share
"Man, I can propel myself"
Says the reindeer to the elf
But they're after the red nose on my head
And they won't let on until Im dead

The image imagines itself as a symbol
The stars proclaim that they too can be nimble
The ox thinks that he's a moron
Just as the ostrich is searching for a piece of land to touch down on
"My harmonica is a locomotive,"
The old black & bluesman mumbles
And thats all the good lord gave me to give
Just sit there and listen, hear yr world rumble