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i never left this miserable town

Posted to Action Poetry

i told myself long ago
i was gonna bolt this place
where i never fit in
that never took me seriously
red brick buildings hiding simmering hatred
postcard appearances
a foolish facade
this town, with its politicians
conservative boring banal
think family values is dad
mom & two kids
while he's banging his secretary
in the map room downstairs
storefront cheaters with
chamber of commerce signs
wives chatting up bus boys in
country club afternoons
rich with whipped cream & wine
preachers chiding me from church pulpits
little kids with candy & baseballs
flipping the bird at passing cars
i told myself it was time to go
packed my bags, talked on the phone
wrote letters tied up loose ends
delayed stalled hit a wall &
i never left this miserable town
stayed frozen in forced orbit
held back by invisible chains
sweet talked in parchment nights
staring at sepia photos
i never left i couldn't leave
i can't go i won't be running soon
because if i can't find it where i'm standing
there's nowhere to wander in search of it

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