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anger in some forms please comment bobo

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just something I scatted out I am not a racist just look at it in a burroughs sense I guess
and any comments on the imagery would be nice

So the massive wave of Drug related deaths in our country is now slowly beginning to recoil itself back inside the massive giant hypodermic needle from whence it came. All the ugly niggers who kept on dealin the shit are all shot up, bodies in holes in the ground washed over with water turning the dirt on top into mud. And all the white kids and black kids and Hispanic kids are hugging the politicians in a fit of nervous joy dancing in crazed bliss around their saviours who finally got the military involved letting them kill indiscriminately in all the lower class neighbourhoods finally solving the drug abuse problem. The only problem these rich folks face is that they need someone to clean their offices. But as they say they would gladly trade clean offices for clean kids hehehehehehe. So now even if they do go to work in stinking shitholes where the cum still lies on the desk after the previous nights secretary blowjob, they can live free of drugs and concentrate on the lord Jesus Christ and praise him

Sorry bit vitriolic