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Spontaneous Urban Nightfall Blues

Posted to Action Poetry

Muscles pushing against the drifting black sky,
I run into the maze of blinking lights and
Faraway cries
For love and cigarettes.
Fragmented conversation bounces off
Colorless trees,
But IÂ’ve no time to think;
Why these lights?
For me? For me?
What is for me, here among the ocean of people-dreams?
Run past the deli selling sandwiches, also friendship,
From a window- sheÂ’s a whore, sheÂ’s a whore.
Dark now, no laughing here, but man smoking away
Welfare checks, what is American government?
Happy birthday, Mr. President, did you know
ThereÂ’s three hundred million of us here who
Know who you are,
Do you love me, Mr. President?
From convenience store- wonÂ’t you please sell me a ciggie?
IÂ’ve no I.D. on account of I havenÂ’t got nothinÂ’ else either,
Chinese man says, no, American law.
What is America but well contained anarchy,
Spinning out of control in the Urban night.