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Midnight Poet

Posted to Action Poetry

Anger and violence are catching like a disease
creeps in with the ease of rain
that falls thru a left open window
and spawned from pain left unrelieved..
stuck in the land of the heartless
in the country of the thoughtless
where children emulate streetcorner hustlers
and short-life-span gangsters
tell you at school you can be anything
teachers preach it and
then you come home and take a beating
what do you believe?
what you hear..or what you see?
fridge is empty,hearts are too
holes in the floor
eviction notice on the door
grow up cant pass a piss test
or erase the hate of the past
not such a far stretch from there
to stick a needle in your arm or
a gun in someones face
because you caught the same affliction
your parents,the city,someone passed on
feeling like its a rigged game
cant win
cant show emotion
so i used to steal up to my rooftops to cry
scribble in notebooks,watch the city die
midnight poet on the graveyard shift

sera is