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Zeitgeist Fluctuating
Serotonin; dopamine riot
in my brain

Loose lips sink ships
Are you or have you ever been??...
Tune in turn on...
hippy dippy, flower power
Drugged Daze, JimmyÂ’s malaise
Greed is good
I like Ron. The wall falls
Internet transformation

the tumult rolls
angry shadows pummel
the cave wall
a yellow cinema screen
pealing in my head

36 in May
from 70Â’s mellow; decadent malaise
to frenzied hyperbole
the oughts and Knots of

Neurotransmitters morph my dendrites
with zeal

Really, what is real?
it feels all
tragically ersatz
violently delusional

dark suicide watch
dotcom delusions
market mania
India, China; Pakistan
Committed to the bomb

Lacking insight
avoiding every indication
Stat!: Dr. Strangelove!!
risk of cessation!!!??

By: Andrew Palmer