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how about a whinning brook

Posted to Action Poetry

no one believes me when I tell them im a poet
i stamp it on my forehead
i sit in my words
i rally around them
look at me i write
look at me i read more than you
want to play ben stein?
i dress in tight jeans and canvas walkabouts
never wash my hair
listen to sonic youth
smoked allen ginsberg
prod my maker
look at me im a poet
freak out nature
see the lizard king as a jackal
clump dirty words to sound defiant
sit here with a dictionary
don't use it
im a poet bell
but no one rings me
its always I
i try to move
but realize im still dreaming
Im a poet
saw dalis leg was constructed of equations
geometric designs pulsating purple
woke up my head
too bad im not math