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two inch speaker

Posted to Action Poetry

from a public funded station
and before that
a far off russian city
in both time and distance
tchaikovsky's little piano bit
up and caught me sleeping

i came in all wrong
right there near the middle
from my preset alarm radio clock
still half asleep i let it play

a distortion through the two inch speaker
high frequency, low frequency
lost to the static
but midrange, all that remains
the numbness of the median strip of waves
but what am i missing if i can still
tell the tune from what it's not?

i hit the bar, i roll, i rise
and hit some buttons to start
the coffee maker on it's way

nine minutes pass
the coffee done
again the speaker moves
back and forth
much more than it can handle

i wander back and turn it off
for good this time i think
tchaikovsky distorted, it's not the same
but what did i miss
if i could still tell the tune from what it wasn't?