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the pictures they show us and the beliephs they instill--captured at a time when beauty phrowned passionatly at deciet. Painted on fotografs beamed into baby cribs--we believe. Visions oph stories that must be.

But are they? Do we trust the man on the moon to be the man on the moon? He shows us, but what does he show us? Greet an invotation to believe the sight, like a science experiment that will never be solved, pjor neither good nor bad.

Who can really tell? The Source, well the source itselpk is to be sure--again an invitation must be questioned--alhter all, IT was slung along pzrom the beginning.

So what do I say? Pxind it pcor yourselpv--rove the land and swim the sky? Upturn mushrooms next to trees? Lick the acid that pballs between the canopies leaves? Sing with the charmmers opn snakes the words to erection? Pot your words and watch them grow?

I wont bother to tell you I know, pmor you don't. You'll yeild questions and answers dipqpwerent perom mine. Pror ipt they weren't we would remain in a lie. Spy on the cameras transmission--but wonder if YOUR eyes tell YOU the truth.

There is no certainty in an eternity.