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How I got to this board (please don't have to comment unless you dont want to)

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[i]The shift in medication is a shadow in the
shade of cure, is drifting
annexation never to be attained.
When teenage angst decides to speak,
it's decided to be quite sure
that questions still remain.[/i]

I started eating them, stealing them from my mother. It started months before I was commited.

I was mad at the suicide screamers, the suicide dreamers who never could commit suicide because
the they would rather stay and brag about how they're suicidal. That yellow ribbon chick, who
for a whole week read world wide teenage death tolls on the morning announcements. Making sure
that anyone that was confident in their happiness would be depressed every time they felt shame.
Shame for not being a number on the list. (Hold on, I'll get to the point)

I was mad at my mother, some stupid reason...probably trying to make me go to school. I smashed
a ceramic candle holder, and putting on a show of sobs held it to my throat. Inside I was
laughing. Only sad because my mom was unhappy to see me in such a state. I hid a grin for the
knick on my neck. (That is, if there's a point. It does get better, though)

That was the second (fourth?) time she called the cops over. This time it was curly Marcy the
militant mid-aged lesbian with her little, that is scrawny, partner in training. He looked like
a squashed robin from an egg that's been stepped on. He caught me pissing under a bridge once in
the winter. He said he had a call from an old lady, scared of the ice I walked on. (Almost there)

I screamed at them "I am your Christ! I walk on water and piss on squad cars! Follow me to your

They made my mom be the third signature to have me commited.

It took 3 days for the doctor to speak with me. He was a short Korean. His crudentials said that
he'd lived in America for around 28 years and had been to 3 different colleges. I couldn't make
out a fucking word he said, other than the frases "So, ah, dis ah depleshun?" and "Testify in ah
court". Then he prescibed me a lower dosage of my mothers serotonin inhibitors(equalizers? boosters? balancers???).

And it was there I read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for the first time. Really read it, you
know. And a Greek and Roman mythology book that I already had and read 3 times. And played
ping pong with the nuts and took their pills.

And I thought "Wow, I really [i]can[/i] go places in this system"
And now I pretend to be gifted.