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Not nonsense, not leaving, this bird has flown

Posted to Action Poetry

I would take it to dinner and bring it back. I would never kill myself, even dream of doing it. I want to put more into my mind, put it through more until senility rips my wings of.

The door has been open for some time but I want to fly inside for awhile.

It was more of a mockery, you see, of the perferctly happy imbeciles claiming to be suicidal and staying content with whatever bullshit reaction they pull from it.

I want to live, I LOVE living. More than life I love sensation. And I'm not sure if that will be there after life, so I'll stay as long as I can. Of course, Ive put plenty of mileage on myself. I'm going to pack as much living and sensation as I can into the hours, weeks, years I have left.