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My Dreams With the Fish (please comment, critique, respond to this spontaneous bop prosody)

Posted to Action Poetry

To protect the souls of other beings
by mandate of karmic law and past incarnation of
self in hollow bones of other, and
a mirror world of astral being to reflect
human weakness strength and all the other
of otherness and depth that resonates inside you
the no-thing-way-ness of steps of speech
of logocentric life, of speech and writing defamed...

Christ risen today
but I seemed to miss the spectacle
but Christ's Buddha existential nature of choice maxim for himself and me and all humanity
and liberation is not fixed in religion or in God
for all are God in God in the world
there is no seperation, just heaven hell of thought structures
and all existence all being is purgatory
is life and death and cyclical cycle of power
returning eternally
and I want to live my life again
should the question ever arise.

Little drops of rain and sorrow, oh
i apologize for be bop
christness lifeness
and oooyyyah, don
t forget about
holy little child
at foot of cross, playing with stones
that was me (and you and you and you and yo-............(u) unfinished
for the book never ends it never begins
its all nothingspace and nothing dreams with the fishes....the souls of all the being of all the ESSENCE which is EXISTENCE which is life
sorrowoful pathos life, dripping with hysteria
and bucket of blood and knives and books and gates of panice
And dream, dream, is....dream, dream, dream...all we....dream, dream, dreams...have....dream, dream, dream...left...and silence is the most profound sentence
and death is the most profound living
and absurd, hollowed, sacred life
is all we have to work with with out spirit, Buddha hands
and our choices without excuses and consciousness of worlding and world and nothingness in each absence we embrace, but oh, oh, oh.....
you will protetct the fish, will protect the lives of the weaker and cre not for yr own, for all are in you and you are in all
always changing and redefining and bleeding with each other, and holding each other close

and dancing moonlit dances with candles misconecptions
and birth blood mother screaming nothing
just open mouth and pain
sudden joy when baby in arms
and we all are mothers
all are women
all have secret forgotten womb of goodness nothingness
aborted by culture, by capital, by war, and where is our freedom now?
where is our freedom now?
where has it gone we ask, children of earth life
where are we going, we wonder?
what is it we have lost? when we gain no
no dreams with fish, no sea to swallow us
to billowing ocean to carry us back home, where