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Judas, Play Fucking Loud!

Posted to Action Poetry

Man, ya kno those people aint fo' me
They like to sit and throw away lives like cards into a hat
And, me? I aint into that
They sit in circles and drink with no end
Having no idea of what time to spend
Those cats clap too hard at men who are meant to listen
Being too busy talkin' nonsense and having no idea of what theyre missin'
I wont say Im right or wrong
I just wanna enjoy this here man's song!
Mojo Risen said it best, "People ARE strange"
And I try my best to stay out theyre firing range
I dont kno if Ill be shot or not
But I sure as shit aint gonna let myself rot
I wish for once we'd all take the plug outta our ears and put 'em in our mouths
But I dont kno, I think Ill be heading south
Hibernating for the wintertime that'll never change over into spring
Maybe somewhere down there I can sit at a bar and listen to this man sing
People always tellin' me that there aint no more hope
I tell 'em to go take a bath and use some soap
In this here world, there aint none of nothing
We're living inna time when we've got evrything
Its only that we're too preoccupied with protest to realise it
It dont take no einstein genius to prophesize it
We're tryin so hard to unnerstand the world and everyone else
Yet have not a single clue why we are in all dis mess
I say, "Try for once to scrutinize yoself wit da same fervor as ya do yr neighbor"
You may find something thatcha didnt expect
And deep down youll know thats its impossible to reject
When I git to writin', my palms git all sweated up and ma pulse beats so fast its one
I wanna forget all the days ahead and embrace bein' alone
No sounds come out 'cept that of ma black pen
Trying vainly, desperately, endlessly, horribly for ma soul to mend
I dont kno nothin' but its name
Its alright people, no it is, its all the same
All the dreams I got are of the past
The sailor, the guitarista, the seamstess, and the pedarast
I often wonder, can real people be this funny
An' Ill you what sonny, thinking this only proves Im a dummy
So Im here waiting for my man
$26 dollars in my hand