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my buddha bitch is coming

Posted to Action Poetry

i feel like i've just crept in on a sci-fi movie, only there's no crowd. suspiciously still, except for the house 'turkish van' that persists in a high pitched 'meoooooww' that begs ducktape.
(shut your kitty mouth!)

the silence is sunday. the silence is easter.
the silence is foreign. the silence is longing.

she been gone a week. i know that doesn't sound like much to most, but this time will be the longest we've been without each other. we've been together for 30 years or so. she's my best friend, my confidant, my critic, my 'buddha bitch', we even got married one time!

her being gone, the sci-fi mode has eased itself in and is creating a gap with routine, which on a sunday is generally very laid back, doing as much nothing as i can generate. it's not that i don't want 'to do' something, it's just that i choose to put my mind at rest- you know, put it aside and let awareness arise.

can't seem to that. instead i'll create. i'll become a writer right now! yea! then i'll submit it on the web. don't they say 'artists are exhibitionists, except for photographers, who are voyeurs'? i should know. i paint images on canvas, and i do pen & ink drawings. i like individuals to see them. expose my self.

('expose'... my mind is so easily swayed.)

i'll do THAT for my 'buddha bitch' tomorrow night. each time is the first time when you live in the present.