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bar thoughts

Posted to Action Poetry

Easter was hell
ashtrays put their lungs out
hippie butts are still dirty
she was one big smoking jibba
sat down
talked to her
was blitzed all say
don't die
"i'll try not to," says he
painted on faces wear tight black pants
breasts lead their days
drinking my paycheck
my head hurts
my asprins
"is your hair natural?," says she
is anything
rock poet
faulty plumbing
miscued wireing
grade school crush
never noticed
even held her hand once at phish show
look away
pissing on--SAY KNOW TO DRUGS--
more butts
stolen womens sign
manson coverd it
get rid
you got a dollar brotha
candy--its sour
"Oh no," sarcastically says he
find a home and move
just give me Portishead
phucking sheep
slured speech
phucking sheep
slured thoughts
cell phones
skip words
just lick my sweety balls
lost my id
go with it
more makeup
for what you dont have
leave it on over night
need more tomorrow
William Idol
punk rock was wasted
left a light on
battery wasnt dead
taco bell
parking lot trashed
picked it up
phucking slobs
why dirty living
Shanoon Hoon
turn it up
wears Kurt Cobain
wears rock and roll
back to a bar
no wizard
the lordies just dont get it
its a guy thing

don't go to church on boomers
you'll cum out a phucking christian