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Easter Invocation

Posted to Action Poetry

One little gloved hand clutching
A basket
With iridescent acrylic grass
And sparkling foil-wrapped rabbits
And eggs
Made of chocolate
The other holding a pink
Leatherette New Testament
How I grew
Past that little girl
Into this woman
Who did not buy an Easter dress
And who skips holidays home and
Neglects to mention doing so
Who cuts her hair too spike short
To quite look feminine
And wears too much make-up
To like quite anything else
I cannot understand.
I invoke the Lord
Who is my shepherd
But there is so much I want
I am confused.
No one drives me
To Sunday school now
But there is God
In the soft folds of covers
After nights that last too long
And in the soft pall of morning
Before the city moves.
Just as there was God
In the soft grass speckled with
Plastic eggs
And in the soft folds
Of new cotton dresses.
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