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Po-hymn to Politicos

Posted to Poetry and Politics

The politics of explosion try in vain to disguise
the passions that run thru the hearts of mankind.
Diverting the attention away from pleasure
the politician incites thru fear
giving purpose to his calling,
(that of a lazy, greedy, selfish soul)
lost from touch with those that live.

They hide behind prestige, naked as you and I,
but drown the press with intoxicants
distilled from beliefs of inadequacies.
The devil they fear, (seeking us out as protectors),
is the devil that lies within their own minds,
fearfull that others may come to realize that
they themselves are the magnets of threat
that weaken their luxuriated lives and reveal
their shallowness to all that look upon them.

Mankind will evolve, for it is the will of creation,
and the smallness of now perceived greatness shall wither
like old flowers unpicked from the stem, the fragrance
no longer there to diffuse the senses with empty promises.

The politician will become a side-show mockery,
inventing purpose thru garbled nonsense, while perched upon
granite slivers gathered from fallen statues built in their honor in those times now barely needed for recall, as mankind celebrates Life with Awareness, Love and Creation.