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Kim: a lily among thorns

Posted to Action Poetry

Kim says,
DonÂ’t walk on the railroad tracks with
Sandals on;
YouÂ’ve always gotta be ready to run.
Or else, sometimes,
The rats....

Kim says,
See those children waving down
The ice cream truck carrying
Patriotic red white and blue bomb-pop chemical
Sugar acid trips?
I donÂ’t want my children...
Rather the silence of suburbia.

Kim said
But no one listened.

Kim says,
It hurts for the
Rest of your life,
And I say,
IÂ’m sorry for
destroyed buildings falling over
Their own misery.
For children playing in
Gray yards.
For dogs too lazy
To bark at the moon hanging
Over abandoned warehouses.
For people who get off
On hearing you cry with
Cold metal pressed against your face.