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Roost Rut or Abstinence Makes The Cock Grow Stronger

Posted to Action Poetry

You can't rush progress
the process this

no put-out bird protests
with giblet water crow

bubbles up with axhead frustration

at prospective copulation

can't verbalize the conjugation

my tea needs time to steep

this Bantam cluck stops
loses rank on the cock walk
shuts out henhouse talk

and the razor heeled roost shop squawk

You can't rush progress
wanna be under your dress
under duress
because love-love
I'm impressed
with your caresses
your barnyard tresses

all good magics deep deep deep

within your nest


I'm somewhere slippy

both rooster and chickenhawk

where I can't find the fine line
life defining goldmine
golden mean
dance or devour
I wanna be
I gotta be
a far wings reach

from that wantin' all or nuthin'
scratch solid in the mortal soil
transcend that cookhouse coil
preen pomposity
lank-danky animosity
the ferocity atrocity
from my oil feathered tail
that's torn

with too many chicken coops
not enough corn poppin'
hoppin' to keep

the greedy beak of my bed fed
where the cock combed head
mistook baited and sated

the overrated pleasure-peak release
as some increase

some tangible palm-grease slide
into Nirvana.

You can't rush progress
of my chicken lips
speakin' the script-scripts-scriptures

of my self inflicted abstinence
conflicted with lustful pictures

of your plush pink barstool ass
my balls are blue
my heart red
bring me back from the dead
to our bed
I'm bustin' to trust in

our combustible combination
of rooster rut
and soulful lovin'
in the oven
cookin' juicy roosty
with you

my chicken-lickin' love
'til we find
in kind
that boom-boom pulse
bombast first class

high fallutin' fowwwwww sex

just a-cock-a-doodle doin'
each other.