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Midnight and my sisters eyes

Posted to Action Poetry

I take her out ,her first night back from a place I don't want to imagine
I dont have to
the story is on her face
deep lines dark circles
my little sister looks older than me
but I just hold her (so thin I
feel her shoulder blades and they
stab me right through the heart)
and she's holding up okay
having a drink and we're talking about
things that happened in a place
thats 1,000 miles and 3 years away
neighborhood stories: did you hear what
happened to...?
remember that time we?
when suddenly shes not next to me anymore
and I look around the crowded bar
find her in the ladies room..
crying,her back to me,her face in a corner
tiny shoulders shaking with sobs
she asks me :
who's going to want me now?who?
look at me..she says and turns around
I just wipe her face,take out my makeup
and slowly,gently brush her hair,
color her pale cheeks ,put mascara on those
lovely liquid brown eyes ,kiss the top of
her head
turn her toward the mirror
"Mira,you are beautiful,look at yourself"
make her smile
and all the while
try not to let her see my own