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Girls are Great

Posted to Action Poetry

Girls galore and the blood rushes
But it's so much more than that!
Women put men into sexual crutches

It's not all about the cunt
It's not all about the old in-out in-out
It's not about a pursuing hunt
It's not about the orgasmic shout

The female that can bear a child,
Holy, sacred, divine
All the teasing, it drives us wild
The description: sublime

Woman as a whole touches something deep
A something that gets little attention and no massage
And it begins to seep
Slowly and all over, like a car out of a garage

This indescribable emotion, this adoration
This cannonization of the female race
A true under-exclamation
All it takes, one look in the face

Those holy holy girls
They invade my mind
I invite them in for a twirl
Offer the conquerors a dine

The conquerors of the soul
The fillers of the depths
It's more than just 3 holes
They make us completely inept

No greater work of art
This is where all artists start
The blissful sensation of being encompassed
Multi-erotic rumpus

The blessed blessed things
So pure and smooth and soft
Listening to a nightengale sing
Floating in the clouds aloft