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Blues! Blues! Blues to the horrible mushy pain in stomachs
Blues to the wave that sweeps all away, the wave of loneliness
I love to listen - where are the blues to listen to?
Where are the beautiful boys & girls who cry to their pillow?
I wanna be someone's pillow, but no one's soul is tired, I guess
No soul as tired as mine, how can so much nothingness cause fatigue?
Blues! Blues! Blues to all you people who care for someone, anyone
My heart is not on my sleeve, my heart is everywhere, waiting for another
Tonite, lets all make love to someone; someone who has a soul
I dont wanna think or feel no more; 'cause I cant bring myself
to think sweet thoughts or feel nice things
Blues! Blues! Blues to all who can think and be happy
Blues to all who can laugh at each other and themselves
Blues to all who think naughty and laugh out loud
Blues to the crickets going chirp, chirp, chirp
Blues to the drunkards going blurp, blurp, blurp
Blues to the foremans going work, work, work
Blues to fat grandmothers smelling sweet in the kitchen
Blues to the blind beggars going please, please, please
Blues to women who hold life and the universe in their hands
Blues to anyone willing enough to hold out a hand
Blues to hands going grip, grip, grip
Blues to skippers going trip, trip, trip
Im a looney because I let everything bounce around my head like
endless electrons in an activated state
I dont let anything be concrete or definite
Blues to all you straight thinkers (How do you do it?)
If I let myself smile, Ill feel better, for a while