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Claude Monet

Posted to Action Poetry

Do you Do you remember?
The brilliant neurosies of those days long past by
All there's left to do now is to marvel and to sigh
Life seems to be 'bout one newtonian fact; it just keeps on going forward and forward
And the past can only come alive to the deep observer and the coward
The coward who fears the originality of the days yet to come; yet to arrive
And all the coward manages is to survive
Nostalgia produces ambiguity thats hard to describe
The villian and the scribe, another pair that share the common sense of sentimentality and optimism
O, how overwhelming is the sadness
How terrible it is to remember!
TALK TO ME! Never stop
So that my heart may be able to grow
Make it bigger than life, make it explode
from this puny body and reverberate throughout the eternal cosmos
Tell me all yr tales and memories
I want to appreciate and learn to love you
For what are we if we dont even kno each other? Who are we if
we cease to understand the next man's adventures and ordeals
I am selfish to the rotten core, to the very innerds of my soul
People, yr stories, yr tales strengthen me with no error
I love how we mold and shape one another
Humans are a science project of the high school form
Atoms that give and take necessary electrons
Atoms with hooks for arms desperately vying to catch our bait, catch something
catch someone
Why does love got to be so sad?
We live in misery and lost chances, regrets and remorse
People say, "Look at this morose motherfucker!" Well, look at me!
Im facing my misery with sword and shield. Bring it on I say!
Im ready for anything and everything
'Cause Ive got this endless resource, see!
Ive got my fellow man to turn to
And youll never take that away
Every man and woman has a story
No one's life is boring or routine
I want to hear every story
And then Ill kno everything!
Didnt I tell you Im selfish?