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Morning After Pills

Posted to Action Poetry

I'm in this hotel room alone now
because he is finally gone..take 2 xanax,do an oxycontin that I have hidden between the
then i can face the mess before me:
smell of sex that still hangs over the room
(images of his kisses screams that made
the front desk call and complain )
things strewn on the floor:panties,those tiny
paper umbrellas from toomany
over priced drinks
(remnants of his drunk voice:you spic bitch)
a pair of boxers he forgot,spoons burnt black on
the bottom,orange syringe caps,
sandy bikini hanging from back of chair
sunblock for the whiteboy,and of course
the sheets in tangles
all this reminding me of corpses,
dead bodies of hope
and thank god I saved those pills
because the sin I am always guilty of weighs
heavy in my heart:
trying hard to get back all the best moments
of the past..
and trying even harder to get rid of the worst
close the door ,one last echo rings in my ears
(get the fuck out I never want to see you again
dont know you anymore)
and walk outside into the sun,high now and
theres nothing else to do but walk on,
promise myself to stop summoning ghosts.