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Man made madness spurting the face of god (comments )

Posted to Action Poetry

stare at the keyboard and make great love to all who surround you

stand in academy hall and blow man blow with the horn as it spirals in sound waved madness up to the earths air. The voice wafts from franklin high to the funeral home up th road where corpses ly flat on borads cold from no life and consumed by the fire of their imaginary soouls

and all of them jump up as from reppression release at the imaginary blast of the rhythm from the horn that originated in franklin high roof and arenas.

and all this shit is just man made madness spurting in the face of god. From soul destrying chillow pillows that rake the earth with soft leafy naked virginal thighs

and all this shit just man made madness spurting in the face of god

did that dance did that connect or watch it flow like carnage wrecks to earths on fire indomitable storm to imagined grassy end of time

and all thsi shit just amn amde madness spurting in the face of god