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And I stared into the abyss and saw
a perfect reflection of myself
Thinking to myself of how I resemble
an old circus freak show elf
All you can do is smile one beggar once told me
If only I had realised then how right
he was because it sets yr heart free
Would he believe me now if I told him
the truth
How I smile at every face that passes me
by, however barbaric of uncouth
The railroad car is slowly passing me
by, and I cant run fast enough to catch
But I finally got all my clothes to match!
Oh hell, the river'll lead me to the
Where I hear that the townsfolk go to
the bars and recite lines from King Lear
Does anyone remember anyone when he's gone?
I think they do if you've got an outstanding loan
All Aboard! the train is heading out
But Diane's forgot her brush and Chuck's
got a bad case of gout
Rene Descartes is in the bar car with
Socrates asking him the following
How does Casanova live in such an unfeeling
world? And while Socrates is swallowing
Plato jumps in and answers: By turning
the other cheek and keeping his faith
Pete Townshend can see for miles
and Socrates only wants to sit with his
drink and smile