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Thanks for your input. Here's an edit I'm trying.

How many wild nights we wasted
Eating slices of sweetend reality pie
Chewing on bites between words and gulps of coffee
Trying to drink ourselves alive
For an instant we were able to realign existence
And the red carpet rolled out
So rather than bleary-eyed students at 3 a.m.,
We were premature heroes
Who given the slightest opportunity would change the world
Armed with our youth and our passion
We might have marched against
Those armies of ignorance who seemed
To inflict all the world's pain.
Try to play with other ideas some more. It's hard for me to write "on-demand" and a friend of mine also suggested a similar five, but with "the favor" and this piece instead of "lilacs" and "for my parents" so I'm probably sticking with some from this group. I know the issue with influences--but as I said, I have trouble writing on demand, so I was basically culling what I have at the moment, looking for things without "fuck" or other lewdness in them; somehow Kerouac seems less openly offensive. Also, the judges are writers from the area, so who knows who they have reading these things.--violet9ish