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Humboldt Park Lullaby

Posted to Action Poetry

oh so sure,I can hear the the poppoppop of gunshots
and the drunks arguing in vacant lots,
wails of sirens,the melancholy tune of
some baby's cries
but there are nights its only a sweet lullaby

sultry summer breeze through windows
salty sweat of sex glistens on my tan skin..
darkness excspt for the occasional orb of
headlights from cars slide by my windows
to shine on the peeling paint walls of my room
smells of taquerias,chinese resteraunts,
my Caridad del Cobre incense burning on charcoal,
and the vinegary smell of just cooked junk
mix into a heady wine

no stars in the always hazy sky
but all i have to do is look in the
mirror and there they are in my eyes
or look out the windows :not up but
down on the pavement where shattered glass
is scattered like a million tiny diamonds

sexy bass pounds from cars,the bars play
old sad spanish songs
and patron saint of dopefiends smile down at
me this night:
see,its not always ugly,
its not that bad at all