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well well wot have we got here then missus!!!!!!

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started off- it was looking ggood off to portugal but when i arrived it was connecticut no mmatter.the city too gritty so i decided to take a ditch a hitch to the country.A woman in a long silver car with "the Pink Flamingo" written on the side said hey jump in my friends i am indeed the pink flamingo lady. good- so she took us to her place which crept up the green brown mountain very nice i said hust what i neede so we went inside and then we went outside. i said look there is Brian Eno he was dressed in a loin cloth a primordial eno though he looked like mad marsden from two terraces up a can short of a six pack. yes he is a darma bum a real beatnik off he went up the mountain are you really eno e no!
when we went inside the pink female flamingo s mate said she had millionaires disease my friend oh yes i do love her so a woman looked at my friend her eyes sparkled red i de cided to get provisions hitched back to the cityy bought some mustard then went to the train station but where am i going i do not know the name of the house the pink flame or the place name. i see a ppig a cop but when i approach i have only a shirt on and no shoes or pance ok i say a mama could you get me home i dont no the name...... she pushed the pig me into the bushes but i had commited no crime. so i said no i will not submit and went to the guys who spoke "hows your father"apples and pears ney llondon town "all rite mate sort itout fella innit" i said i cant remeber where im staying "stay wif us mate sorte it out fella wooohey missus hows your father wohey innit" they had tshirts with "the blue continent "written in yellow on white backdrop so i go to a cop shop where a cop dressed hailf in cop cloth and half civil cloth civil dressed is serving beer what can i do i cant remember where im from no matter just keep on moving oh! okay missus.
sweet dreams children
and a happy easter bunny to you