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in what but one of those moments

Posted to Action Poetry

I am all confusion and clutters a disgustingly comfortable wave of apathy has washed over my mind leaving no clarity no sense of what to where and why along how like a car window that keeps steaming up or splashed by travelers mud an almostnumbing position overtaking me with a sense that it must be waited out nothing can be done right now yes,no maybe, thats cool, really the use of any articulate language seems very hard my lazy tongue is on sick leave wont be back for awhile had to get part time assistance my face reveals no expression except that of maybe a broken down pack animal waiting for the next load to beat me down a little further its like a disturbing force of comfort pleasure pain they all find a way to some pain becomes a way of life like the pack animal to kink freaks with toys and chains and whips dont forget the whips mix the pain with pleasure why not a contrast like black and white just like the day you see the night, to a startling surprise I feel pain I feel discomfort Im sad Im not happy in this but theres nothing I can do my apathy is my pleasure Why!
It does not seem sensible
my pain is my pleasure Why!
It is cruel punishment to be subjected to mockery by your own thoughts
stop fucking each other they are in lazy orgy in my head
nothing clear this one on top of that fondling another every orifice filled
damn what kind of mess is this
when will that blind lust of theirs be fulfilled and make their way back to their adobe huts, street corners penthouses they are producing newborns as I write I feel their fetal movements what offspring shall shoot up criminals, prostitutes, junkies, soldiers, farmers, fathers mothers
they complain, argue and command
they threaten, fornicate, and feed
children, lovers, philosephers, teacher,students,musicians, poets, Gods!
they live they love they wander
they travel, they create, they revive!