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DonÂ’t feel like writing this morning
donÂ’t feel like making sense of the images
(sandra bullock smiling through rehab)
donÂ’t feel like streamlining the flow and ebb
(george c scott and the) ghastly murders
thoughts that fill my stomach
xspacex fountain red semen poem
my ears
donÂ’t feel like reading
everyones kerouac
donÂ’t want to write

if I should pass before the coffee takes,
hear my words:
dont mix granola
with soya fry
and call it a movie at home night

my head is bursting with the
sickness of passivity
he asks has he misspent his youth
she asks will she misspend her future
who buys it I wonder
where is the warehouse of years
can anyone bid
i need 200

donÂ’t feel like writing