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the christ consciousness illumination

Posted to Action Poetry

oh what a mess theyÂ’ve made of yer message
vanity, ego, merciless judgement
death for the sinners & condemnation
fire & brimstone, lake of fire
torments in full Dante vividness
for two thousand years theyÂ’ve crucified those
who didnÂ’t meet the holy book standards
written for shephards & dwellers in caves
imploring you to just stay on yer cross
while they handle the great unwashed of the earth
but IÂ’m here to call for a grand illumination
the clarity of the original message
the birth of omnipresent expanding love
& christmas doesnÂ’t come once a year
& easter doesnÂ’t come once a year
every day christ is born every day he is killed
& the moment we realize pure energy of love
christ rises inside in full consciousness burst
out of the tomb of our closed perceptions
hold onto pure love, driving fast down the highway
in halos of beauty & never look back & no one is ever lost
in full christ consciousness

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