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Exactly One Month After, Reflections Upon a Birthday

Posted to Action Poetry

I know forty is a long way away but
I know itÂ’s coming and
Will I, no longer want to tease him and
Sleep in separate rooms and call him
Sweetheart only when he brings home a check?
And I know that IÂ’ll be forty eventually
And will I, when brushing my hair,
Have to clean half of it out of my hair brush;
And will I see well enough to notice?
Oh God donÂ’t let me live through my children!
Or will I not have them (children I mean)
And be one of those people who buys
Cat food every day?
Or what it,
God forbid,
I have enough money to join one of those clubs with the
Ex-hookers who married into money?
What if I end up talking to pink lipstick about the aaawwwwffuull
Weather weÂ’re having,
And how it ruins dresses made by children for three pennies a day.
Forty is a long way off though,
Maybe there will be a catastrophic war and IÂ’ll be forced into the army,
Where I will die a tragic and heroic death
In the arms of my (good looking) commanding officer.
And all of my friends will see my picture when they are forty,
and wish they had joined the army too.
ItÂ’s a good thing you can drink at forty.
But what if I drink so much to forget that IÂ’m forty
That I do forget and act as if IÂ’m twenty and embarrass myself
By hitting on my daughterÂ’s boyfriend?
And then sheÂ’ll put me in a nursing home when IÂ’m sixty-five,
Oh God,
ThatÂ’s really the end isnÂ’t it?
ItÂ’s a good thing that IÂ’m turning sixteen and can
Now drive myself downhill without anyoneÂ’s help.