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like creatures of the emerging night

Posted to Action Poetry

angel weÂ’re like creatures of the emerging night
with eyes like scorched earth fireflies
black cloth limbs in furious motion
two headlights streaming thru careening dark
you know what you do to me
when you look like a fever walk like a cat
pull me on top of you in whispered love/urge
i want to lock yer eyes like a jail cell door
press yer hands to the sheets & kiss yer wrists
i want yer soft rolling movement
yer breath a hot fog in my ear
as i lip yer serious neck
i want to write my name on yer thighs
with the tip of my wet tongue
outside the cars speed like bullet tracers
along endless marauding highways
raincoat people hide from storms
televisions broadcast mindless numb nothing
we are oblivious to miscellaneous life
entwined together melded in soul-union
disappearing shrinking gone

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