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Next Flight Out

Posted to Action Poetry

Im rushing and rushing to get to this airport that I have never seen (and ,my friends,I have seen many in my short lifetime) in and it's an obstacle course,Im given wrong directions,turn this way,turn back,the panic building every second.
Up escalors,down elevators, run..faster until I reach this impossibly long corridor where full of departure gates (no arrivals here) and at hte very end I can see a large observation with the brightest sunlight I have ever seen bursting through it.
Running faster now,pushing people out of my way because I see HIM, a little boy,too little for the chairs so that his tiny feet swing from the edge and he looks so miniature and ..lost in that huge crowd but he spots me,too.And,oh,how he smiles with those perfect little boy teeth and cries out"Mama ,hurry!Mama,I'm right here!".But he doesnt look scared at all,just so happy to see me.
But I am both happy and terrified.
I hear ,above the bustle and din,a flight announcement that booms louder than the rest"Flight Number 343 to ---(and that part is muffled?Wait?FLlight to WHERE,goddamn you? now departing immediately from gate 5"
I scream,yell for him to wait but a perfect-looking stewardess takes his tiny hand,my SONS tiny hand and leads him down the rampway to the plane .He still looks unafraid,just turns and beckons for me,"Mama!Come on!"
I run faster than is humanly possible,but when I reach Gate 5 there is no more entranceway,no more ramp,just solid wall where it was once before and the ticket agent smiles at me curiously,"Why,miss,you can always take the next flight"
But I turn ,run,to the observation window to see if I can see that plane take off: and there are no planesin the sky or on the runway...or..anywhere.
Im sobbing,screaming,now,and people are staring..dont they always?..and I try to hide my tears but I cant because that sunlight striking that window just illuminates my pain.