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on the lip of exploding morning

Posted to Action Poetry

waking on the lip of exploding morning
i see the remnants of yer seething pain
i see the pottery chunks of a dismantled heart
i see the relics of yer invisible agony
sweet baby iÂ’m looking over yer shoulder
because iÂ’ve been there before & i kept the roadmap
i stashed it in my back pocket & i
pull it out in dire times for a grim reminder
iÂ’m fixing you with a supernal gaze
i am hovering in buddha/christ consciousness for you
you, sitting cross-legged on the floor crying
you, in the pit of a stinking bar with a bitter drink
you, in paralyzed longing for pure & unencumbered love
you with an eye on an uncertain future
you sucking up sightssoundssignals of yer world
you in frightened wonder at walls crumbling
you craving the expression of all spinning destiny
make a stand where yer standing in gigantic defiance
there is a river somewhere with a boat for you
there is a mountain somewhere with yer name on it
take my hand if you are afraid to fall
you donÂ’t need my convoluted help but if you
need an ear to spit yer hopes & dreams into
iÂ’m a joeholy road king full tilt prophet mystic
& iÂ’ll crash through the world in a finger snap
to make yer path free you are free be free inside
this in whirling spinning open release to you

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