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1.let us
hold hands
let me know if it tickles
yor right tyre is flat
as i look west into east
i see a town gripped of fear
now throw up your arms and surrender
2.supersede the centipede
please dont burn the topside
silky letters
silky thighs
she has soft wet eyes behind thoses lies
blood in her eyes as she tries to deny
she has soft wet eyes behind those lies
walking into mana ray of light
prying on her moment her lie
illusion of what she sees - her eyes
3.testing the totem
that is the moment
for what i see
is aquamarine
came to her
serene a dream
and toying not dying
you ready
diatribe pastiche revolution resolution
remember blue print
on blue fingers
scared where do i begin
at the beginning
or the end
at the kiss of a goldfish
lying next to birds of prey
made from melting wax
moon on you golden face
air chimes full of grace
tracing your face
memory of time lonely life in the mountains
you tv staring time
of rock king chair
in front of my stare
in the even colder lair
and who could care outside of the inside of the outside on the outside of the outsider stare
back intoo humankind
he was one of the travelling minstrels he sang and his teeth black with sugared life I know you I do when did we meet he only said that so he could spend his song on us a line of chipeating women on the sideline watching the minstrels performance how long do we have to wait not long he said the tide is almost in and then we care turn toward silence silence sleeping on a littered
bed tv in the head and we sit and we sit for the time to take over and we remain in vain Im 72 he said and the others are it was the minstrel who said go home to bed and i loved him he took my hand and sang for me his eyes tiny blue pinpricked pupils porkpied hat
samsara moulded into leather wombs we curl foetal pray for that it may happen tomorrow
can we swim in his mercury watermind and taste the smile love you love you do
leave me alone pleaser let me die remember not to cry sweet child angel of the moment c ome taste
t h e h o n ey.