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to my friend who deserves much more.. critique wanted!!!

Posted to Action Poetry

slur your words like a drunk man with a 40 in his hand sitting from atop the world,
he says hes gone as far as he can to stop what everyone says is his vice,
come out of a state of being in paradise with your mercedes and huge house,
looking in with a gasp and a sigh,
living like that without wishing to die would be hard if only images of him even blinked an eye from anyone like you, but they dont,
just turn away breathing out a deep sigh,
avoid that type of guy,
from that part of town, shady grey without any shine, not like a deep, smooth red wine that covers the estate,
the marble red table with caviar served on a silver plate with crackers on the side,
no welfare check, going into stores without getting respect,
without watching how he can dress like hes going to be king,
trying on something expensive, him you wont let, for he wont have the money, not like the glowing, crystal flare of one with a high-paying job, wishing he'd go away you think your store he'll rob,
a thug you think, thats all you can believe, dont ever stop to look into his mind,
for things in his wallet, ud be astonished to find,
no kids, no wife, no house of his own, no red carpet or caviar to eat at home,
the satin sheets to rest upon while he sleeps, no stamps to feed his kids,
cant even get them, no, he has to truly pay his bills, live without frills like some, although hes worked for 11 yrs, he cant have what he wants, cant move travel, eat well, or splurge at all, but u sit doing nothing, not paying any bill.