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just some sritten things any thoughts would be nice

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Bobo is my name how are you today Mr computer are you well

Well just writing to see of you were man yo dig this man dig this said Dean from a high hill on Zion where stupid christian missionaries came to try and convert the Jews. We are right you are wrong‚ they screamed and from that The Jews screamed back just as loudly Go to hell go to hell, we’ll see you from heaven and laugh our religion was founded by God yours the capitalist desires for an excuse to colonize, rape and pillage

Pah said christianity Pah said the Jews Pah Pah Pah would you like to buy my car said God satnding next to Dean on the high hill

If I knew it would get this mean! I would have let you all burn in hell but IÂ’ll tell you a secret the RIGHT religion is.......................................... Pah youÂ’ll never work it out.

Pah Pah Pah

From there Jezebel went from a nervous moment with a missionariy to a forthright passionate moment in the Darkness. All that was built was lost, the trust she had in him extinguished with that disarming rush and passion and ecstasy. Not all was told at the next mornings meeting however. Where she stood aligned in the proper place away from all that nonesense she felt last night

Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh fuck went the mind of the Missionary Oh Fuck. Fuck eh well that is an expletive but in the present situation I see ,entirely justified. Mum and and pop owned a store that was all it could be. All it could be in the light of the morning standing lookign out east west east west who knows were the shinig clock on the top annoucing a welcome and the time looks ! Who knows what I am thinking , I am thinking what I am writing and how smart this will be and so I think and write it which is quite a circuler motion to be sure and English teachers sit at the unexplained Madness creeping up their shorts and short Skirts oh baby

Well what do you make of the world at large Thomas
nothing said the Boy absolutely nothing except a line in the clouds.
Interesting said theDocter from the Mahoganoy Chair of his birth.
I Have it,he said
The line of trees represents the line of the belt of your father when he straped you, did he ever strap you?

No! Said the boy, and it was a line of clouds

Did he ever hit you punish you in any way

Well yes , Yes he did.

Ah ha that is it , that is it then. You simply have some issues that you need to sort out with your father then you will be right with world again

Yes. Yes I will be, I will

Ha ha ha ha ha ha said the jumping jack dog with a knife in his throat

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. What dog

All poems formed in the infinacy of minds of men and of those who would be great
Perhaps one day to rot in hell with no realisation of what has been said
Perhaps nothing comes of so much thought, perhaps nothing as life is distinguisehed like a flame off into the night that continues to burn without its maker