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where the rivers flow from the sky and sky flows from rivers
I am the prsident of zentro city.
I have a diminutive dwarf mouse whose name is fish I whisper his name to yu as he sits at my desk instructs and commands he is of the tyrannical kind a fascist to say the least a real dog gone man not a mouse.
The women are delectible four breasts to suckle and graze on til ones heart will indupitably exlode into a million diamonds which will sprout cabbages as they touch the sacred rust earth of zen infinity ah!!!! cabbages the fecund food of the holy donkey universe the wise satyrs of zens heavens light is not all around us but n the gaze of golden haze in the face of our jesus a hilarious fellow called Blue! oh reverend one who incites us to spend all our time feather tickling young maiden mares and tangerine goats with ruby red feather boas. they tickle our toes with salty tongues there eyes lakes clouded with sugary dolphins who swim in there mercury aches
i sit on the siideline a fornicating fool drenched in velvet puppies who howl country music in some ancienty mandarin tongues i am but there flunky who flees their lairy growl in pure funk.alaas now i must sit and watch the microwave they have replaced my tv with a 360wwwwmicromicro wavve where i search the 7th song on the 7th wave on the 7th day. Does the baked potatoe see me as isee her he. Her cheesy grin makes me feel like a pod in a pee.